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Introducing A New Resource to Help You ALIGN Your Teams

After having many related conversations with clients around central themes and challenges with their revenue teams, Vetrus Solutions is happy to begin sharing our insights and experience of all things sales, process management and revenue operations here. We do this in the hope that reading these articles will trigger an aha moment or knock loose the missing piece of what may be holding your organization back from true, measurable growth.

Here’s a quick elevator pitch to give you a reason to read on: 

We’re Vetrus Solutions, a revenue operations firm who is passionate …nay obsessed! with creating efficiency wherever possible.

For several years, we’ve had the pleasure of partnering with fast-growing B2B start-ups such as Skillshare for Teams and Quiq to increase revenue. Almost every project begins by identifying and optimizing the processes, tools, and analytics that produce an efficient, productive team. From there, we meld our tech stack and data expertise with our clients’ business goals to power revenue velocity and growth.

The Three Catalysts of Powering Revenue Velocity and Growth

1. The Processes: 

We dial into the inner workings of your business and sales processes to optimize your potential as a revenue-generating machine. But it doesn’t stop there - as your business innovates and matures, we help improve the internal workflows that will support your growth, increase customer satisfaction, and keep revenue trending upwards. By mapping out effective solutions and automating them across your workflows, we don’t just help you generate leads, we generate increased productivity and revenue amongst your sales team.

2. The Tools: 

Our operations specialists work closely with your team to uncover the goals, processes, and roles that define success. We map out everything from the day-to-day goals to the moon shot that inspired you to build the company in the first place. From there, we develop or optimize your technology investment by recommending and implementing the appropriate techstack to achieve your vision. Then, we lead the resulting user adoption training to align with that mission and provide the clearest path to victory, as well as the highest rate of return on your investment.

3. The Analytics

We like to think of this way: The easiest way to keep everyone on the same page is to ensure everyone is reading from the same playbook. Vetrus Solutions develops the KPIs and reporting systems that become a powerful source of the truth to deliver actionable analytics and insights which drive accountability, incentives, and adoption across your organization. When goals are clearly defined, easily understood and diligently measured, your sales team is more likely to connect with their purpose, track their performance and more eagerly pursue the top of the leaderboard.

How We Empower Small to Mid-Sized Teams

Across a combination of creative strategy, tech stack expertise, and customized system configuration, we make it easier for marketing teams to attract,  sales teams to sell, and customer success teams to retain and expand.

We are certified partners of Salesforce and HubSpot partners, the two leading CRMs providers. We provide admin expertise and support for these powerful technologies and other tech stack components. Our team designs diverse RevOps solutions that provide customization, configuration, implementation, training and process improvement services.

Throughout this blog, you can expect content on revenue operations, setting up Salesforce and HubSpot for success, improving processes and workflows between internal teams, and focusing on measuring the right metrics to ensure you’re tracking to success.

To learn more about Vetrus Solutions and our team, see what we’re all about. We look forward to playing a role in the success of your business.