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The Benefits of Hiring an Outsourced Salesforce Administrator

Salesforce is an invaluable tool that, when set up and used properly, can press the fast-forward button on your business and revenue growth. In the same way, when set up inefficiently or left to gather cobwebs, it can be a drain on finances and stunt growth. 

Luckily, a Salesforce Administrator can ensure a proper implementation, provide insight into your sales performance, and increase collaboration across different teams, which can all lead to tangible success within your organization. 

So, how do you get started making sure your Salesforce is set up properly and can be continually monitored, maintained, and improved if you’re not ready to invest in a full-time hire? Hire a Salesforce consultant. Along with your investment in the software, it is crucial to have an expert administering your Salesforce instance. Let’s look at some other ways an expert can make a big difference for your Salesforce instance and your business. 

5 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Salesforce Administration

1. Your business will evolve 

Has there ever been a successful business that didn’t change over time? Success demands innovation and adaptation to changes. The products, services, teams, goals and customer demands for your business will evolve and you will need to start leveraging your system in new ways. This may include: tracking new fields, adding new values to existing fields, adding new alerts, creating new automations, and creating new reports, among other changes. 

An experienced Salesforce Admin connected to your business and is available to make these changes will help you turn new challenges into new opportunities. 

2. You don't want to build a mess 

Salesforce is a complex tool that requires an experienced admin who is a Certified Salesforce Partner to ensure you are maintaining a clean instance that can evolve as needed. When someone has the impulse to make a change, you need someone there who understands what has been built previously and can see the bigger picture of how that proposed change fits in. 

An expert can make sure that the change will be implemented in a way that will not create duplicates or confusing data. For instance, if someone wants to create a new field or automation, an experienced Salesforce administrator knows exactly how to check for similar fields or processes so that data is not duplicated.  

3. Salesforce will evolve 

Salesforce is the gold star of CRM systems and releases new features on a quarterly basis to best serve its customers. Not to mention the tools this enterprise platform acquires year over year. It can be difficult to keep up with all the new features, tools, and tutorials, but having access to an expert Salesforce consultant will help you make sure that your needs are being vetted against the new opportunities and you’re always getting the most out of your investment. 

4. Your best decisions are based on accurate data 

Your CRM instance holds valuable data including forecasts, sales performance, and customer contact information. In order to pull the correct data into reporting and exports to fuel data-driven decisions, you need to ensure that whoever is creating the reports knows what they are doing and what you are looking for. 

It’s only through accurate data that you’ll be able to generate and act on valuable insights. Working with a Salesforce expert will give you the assurance that you are using the best data available to make important business decisions. 

5. You can lower your operational costs and onboard quickly 

It all comes back to ROI. Working with a part-time Salesforce expert will lower your operational costs because you won’t need to make the robust investment required for a full-time employee (desk space, healthcare, 401K, vacation time, etc). 

It will also allow you to get ramped up quickly as the Salesforce expert will have worked with similar clients in the past and have the Power User experience to plan and implement the setup or audit based on the agreed-upon timelines. Because of their comprehensive experience, this Salesforce consultant is able to hit the ground running, ensuring you can make changes fast.

Get Results Faster with a Part-Time Salesforce Administrator

Many organizations aren’t ready to move forward with a full-time Salesforce expert. That being said, you still have a viable option to make an impact right away. If you are not ready to invest in a full-time Salesforce resource, a part-time Salesforce admin is likely the answer. They can ensure that your Salesforce instance is working as it should and adding to your bottom line.

At Vetrus Solutions, we offer Salesforce administration support packages. Our long-term relationships with clients are built upon a solid foundation of understanding their unique business needs and challenges - then designing for them. This allows our customized support to evolve as their business needs do. 

If you’re ready to build or improve your Salesforce platform to deliver a positive impact on revenue operations and team processes, we’re excited to help. Contact our team to learn more about Salesforce Administration services.